Roccella Study Drug
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What is GLPG1972?

The study drug GLPG1972 is an investigational tablet taken by mouth.

What is an investigational drug or medicine?

An “Investigational” drug is a medication that the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) does not allow to be sold in the US for treating patients. The drug can only be used for research purposes.

How does GLPG1972 work?

The study drug is designed to inhibit a protein that plays a key role in cartilage destruction, which causes osteoarthritis. By blocking this protein, GLPG1972 could prevent or decrease cartilage destruction to treat osteoarthritis, specifically in the knee.

Have other people used GLPG1972?

Yes, multiple healthy subjects have taken GLPG1972. The drug was well-tolerated. Different doses of the drug have also been tested in patients with osteoarthritis, and the drug was well-tolerated. The Roccella study will see how effective the determined dose of GLPG1972 is on osteoarthritis in the knee.